Visit Myrtle Beach?

The last 3 years have seen a resurgence in the Grand Strand housing industry and real estate market.  You may be considering a move to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  Our conservative politics keeps taxes as one of the lowest in the United States attracting new residents from up north, far west, or the exit capital - Illinois.  The previous hot real estate market around here was around 2005 and Myrtle Beach Movers® moving company was only 4 years old.  Things soon changed.  

View from Pier 14 in Myrtle Beach, SC.

View from Pier 14 in Myrtle Beach, SC.

Hope & change seemed like it would never end, but we made it through while many businesses went under.  Now, more than ever we are ready to help you make the move to Myrtle Beach, SC.  Here's how it works: plan to rent a truck when you move; it may be a Penske, Budget, Enterprise, Ryder, or Uhaul - we have a plan to load or unload them all.  Just get your goods wrapped up, packed up, and boxed up and let us unload you when you get here.  Search for "Chicago moving labor" or "load my rental truck in Columbus Ohio."  In Myrtle Beach you already found us, so we can help you within 100 miles in Florence, Wilmington, Charleston and all points within, however we may have a 3 or 4 hours minimum in outlaying areas.

Put your plastic kitchen items  and fluffy items in larger boxes.  Throw some fluffy pillows in medium and large garbage bags.  Put books in smaller boxes, else they will collapse the box structure.  Clothes should come out of the dressers and chests and night stands.  Furniture is heavy enough already.  Remove the shelving before wrapping anything up.  Take advantage of wardrobe boxes.  Put a lamp without the shade down inside a wardrobe box and hang dresses around it or put shoes around the lamp.  Collect the lamp shades and stack them concentrically - put a few together in a garbage bag to keep finger prints off.  Fold the handle over on your lawn mover, empty the gas or run it out.  Same goes with other tools.  Collect flat items like pictures and put them in one area for your movers (feel free to us picture boxes on nicer portraits).  Take the hoses OFF the washer and dryer, and consider replacing them.  You may need a new connection to that dryer, and you may need new O-ring washers at the end of your hoses.  Put them inside your units.  Take the sheet music holder off of your piano, wrap it in much plastic and secure it inside your wrapped piano stool.  Some movers winch strap the piano down to the 4-wheel dolly.  If you have other questions feel free to write them down over a period of a couple of weeks prior to calling me (like a grocery list) and I can help.  My name is Patrick.

If you are calling me for the first time then you may want to plan on a late afternoon call time, or fill out the form on the CONTACT page.  Yes, we can move you into storage units. I am on all of the approximately 300 jobs each year - 4000 jobs so far since 2001.  We typically start work onsite at 9:30 am and want to be heading home by 3:30 pm or so.  We avoid the late afternoon and evening schedule to maintain a regimen.

Moving to Myrtle Beach SC?  Call Patrick. He has been living here since 1970.  He came here in an air force family of 6 kids with roots in Columbus County, North Carolina.  He is a 1981 graduate of Socastee High School and even worked with former United States Senator Strom Thurmond.  Experience comes with age.  The 3 men on your job site will be a good mix of experience and youth.

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 "Your rental truck - Our strong backs!"