History of Myrtle Beach Movers

In September 2000 Patrick L. Hill performed a Uhaul load & drive from the Myrtle Trace neighborhood of Conway, SC to Flushing, NY for a customer who answered his newspaper ad.  He flew back home out of LaGuardia connecting in Atlanta, Ga, and he didn't make much money doing it.  As a former crew leader of the long-local C&C Movers, Patrick knew the task, but didn't exactly know how to price a job.  "I was charging $30/hr for two guys to move furniture around, and that didn't leave much extra for websites, telephone book ads, office supplies, blankets, dollies, business license or a car.  That's right, I was borrowing my girlfriend's minivan."

The following year in March 2001 Patrick's brother helped out by registering MyrtleBeachMovers.Com and MBMovers.Com and put up a simple website for the internet domains.  That was three years prior to Google.Com going public.  It was also many years before any other moving company within 100 miles had a website.  That year we decided to relegate our services to "moving labor only." We formulated the slogan "Your rental truck - Our strong backs!"

The economy and real estate market was hot in 2005 and so was Myrtle Beach Movers.  Euphoria and growth into other areas with WilmingtonMovers.Com and CharlestonMovers.Com lasted a couple of years until Hope & Change arrived.  For 7 long years (2007 to 2014) we barely survived while loved ones and family offered the advice of getting a real job here, or why not check that job out over there.  We moved many folks experiencing the same economic retrenchment and real estate agents became waiters.

On February 12, 2015 Patrick experienced an aortic dissection caused by high blood pressure while home alone, and he opened the front door and called 911.  The hospital sent him home with some Valium but he drove himself back up to the hospital the next morning, sure that they had missed something.  Of the next 7 weeks, a few weeks were spent in a coma.  While he slept his family moved him out of his apartment and into storage, and prepared to sell his new Jeep Patriot after the doctors told them he'd never need them again.  They were prepared for his last move.

But, God answers prayers.  He answered the prayers of Patrick's mother and those of her church and many other churches.  Various blessings in many ways have come, and the economic trajectory he experienced in 2005 resumed in 2015.  Patrick is still on every job and it is truly a miracle.  There are a few lingering effects from in-patient pneumonia while in coma and the scaring from a tracheal intubation, but the dissection never needed surgery and he has healed with blood pressure medicine only.

In 2019 we are well over 4000 moving-labor jobs done. We still serve Charleston, North Myrtle Beach, Conway, Florence, Dillon, Marion, Loris, Columbus County and up to Wilmington NC, but we sold the internet domains CharlestonMovers.Com and WilmingtonMovers.Com during September 2019 to another moving company in Wilmington.  Last year after 18 years of using the Myrtle Beach Movers moniker, we received the Trademark® for the name from the United States Patent & Trademark Office.  We are Myrtle Beach Movers® and we provide labor to load and unload your rental truck or POD container.  We work in Georgetown, Charleston, Brunswick and Columbus County NC, Lumberton, Wilmington NC, and Lake City, Florence SC and all points within like Socastee, Conway Loris and North Myrtle Beach.