MOVE MYRTLE BEACH LLC moving company is not affilatiated with Myrtle Beach Movers®.  It is a dishonest Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) of South Carolina formed by bed mattress and car salesman, Mr. Joel Bultman.  His address of record with the SC Secretary of State is a local UPS mailbox Store.  He is trying to trade on and siphon off goodwill established by Patrick Hill's Myrtle Beach Movers® Company.  Mr. Hill owns the federal trademark, and Move Myrtle Beach LLC is infringing on this nearly 20 year old trademark.  Since 2001 we have been providing loading and unloading moving services.  "Your rental truck - Our strong backs!"

If you want to move to Myrtle Beach, then don't deal with a fake, a fraud, and a cockroach who hides from legitimacy.  Contact Patrick Hill at 843-663-2942.