Job Details

These issues may arise. We don’t want to disappoint you, so please read our established practices prior to move day.

  • If it rains - we will work to wrap up the situation for a future resumption. Working in the rain is fraught with hazards to my men and your goods. It is a no-good-deed-goes-unpunished proposition. Trust me. It opens up a Pandora’s Box of varying liabilities which I do not want to cover at the agreed-to hourly rate. After 20 years of trying - we stop. We will reconcile the bill and continue another time.

  • Large Jobs - Some jobs require 2 days. We want to always give you our best. For that reason, we start at 9:30am and begin looking for the exit about 3:00pm. Six (6) hours of industrious physical labor is enough for a workday, especially in the summer. Diminished returns on your money. Accidents can occur. Men can pass out. If your job is not done by then, refer to the rain policy above.

  • When it is hot outside and we are wet - please raise the temperature in your home. It is not healthy to go from cold to hot to cold. Pleurisy of the lungs can result. Check on us to see if we are shivering inside your house. Want to focus on the job.

  • Don’t pull the ramp out of the truck before we get there. First, I may need to move the truck into a better position, and secondly - we don’t use the ramp except on heavy items.

  • Don’t worry about feeding us. We aren’t going to be with you all day; maybe 4 or 5 hours max especially in the summer. A snack here or a drink there is fine. Picnic not necessary. You do not want us to stop working for very long, nor eat much. Trust me on this after 4000 jobs.

  • If you forgot to mention that you have a flight of stairs, then you should know we have a nominal charge for that. It goes to the men for working harder with skill. Again, please reschedule your job if you feel that it will go past the 3:30pm time. That job should start in the morning at 9:30am.

  • Smoking near the rear of the truck is an issue for workers who need clean air during physical exertion. Heavy breathing and smoke is a fine recipe for bronchitis. Help us out please and step away.

  • If you called MBMovers on behalf of another person and you will NOT be at the job site - that creates a problem in communication and expectations. Please ask the responsible party to visit this page. Third-party calls are problems and red flags for us, as much as a last minute call.

  • If we load you and there is a delay before unloading can occur (layover), then we will stop the clock for a half hour (30 mins) and then resume billing while we wait and until the completion of unloading. Else, we can unload at a future date. Refer to rain policy.

  • The truck size is your decision. I can give you my opinion. Blankets are necessary. Get one or two dozen blankets from rental moving truck location. Advise me if you upsize your truck size. If you are getting a Uhaul U-box, don’t call it a POD. Their relative size is a ratio of 1:3.

  • If we booked you as our 2nd job of the day, then be advised that the time is not set in stone. People routinely understate their needs, and the time on the first job could go longer. In the summer if your job starts after 12 noon, then you are getting sweat-soaked possibly sun beat-down men. You will begin getting diminishing returns on your money fairly quickly. Be patient, or book a morning job.

  • We accept cash only on the day of the move job. Please no checks if you are leaving town - it’s only prudent. However, you can pay online HERE using STRIPE CC Processing. Do this 2 or 3 days prior to job. Use most any card. There are 3 categories Work Time, Stairs, and Gratuities. Unused time is considered an efficient use of time gratuity.

  • My name is Patrick Hill. I will be your point man on the job site. Thanks for your time reading this. Also, scan my News Blog and Business Documents.

  • Both you and I appreciate mutual respect. If the men work hard for you and give a little extra, then consider giving a little extra back at reconciliation. We (3 men) are a team and split all gratuities. Any questions? Just call me.