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2019 Horry County Business License

2014 Jeep Patriot squad vehicle you may see on the highways. Pardon me for seeming in a hurry.

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Our license plate

Record for MyrtleBeachMovers.Com at ICANN. March 23, 2001.


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We reserve the right to reject, decline, or refuse service to anyone for any reason at any time, and not charge you.  We don't do custodial work nor general day labor work.  We avoid environments hazardous to our health.  Some situations are such that we call them "no good deed goes unpunished" situations.  We appreciate respect, dignity and gratuities for our work.  Some jobs cannot be refused until we arrive.  Some jobs are rejected prior to booking due to full schedules, or too heavy a day already on the books, while others occur at a later time.  If you misrepresent,  grossly understate, or neglect a major factor of the job, then we may choose to not begin your job at that time.  Bigger jobs need to start at 9:30am.  Our day ends approximately 2 pm in the summer and 3pm when it is cooler.