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Myrtle Beach Movers® is the iconic Myrtle Beach SC moving-labor moving company. It is also our federally registered trademark with the United States Patent and Trade Office (USPTO) and service mark at the South Carolina Secretary of State's office (SCSOS). We are licensed in Horry County and serve Charleston to Florence SC to Wilmington NC. We are moving labor only to load and unload your rental truck or POD.  Let us move you into local storage units. We started in September 2000.

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On March 22, 2001 during the early days of the internet 42 months before Google.Com went public and prior to ANY local moving company having a website we became MyrtleBeachMovers.Com.  That's right, we pre-date Google's IPO.  We also began the professional local loading and unloading services.  So, when you see another moving company on the internet hyphenating their name with mine - don't expect honesty and don't expect originality.  They come to this page to stay up to date on originality.  Please do your research on local moving companies.

A few local moving companies are misleading the public by brazenly infringing on my 20 year-old federal trademark like (Move Myrtle Beach LLC), or Kevin’s Moving Service - because otherwise they can't compete.  If this is how they so publicly treat my most valuable asset, how well are they going to care for yours in private?  Do they have no shame?

The respectable movers in Myrtle Beach have ceased doing it.  Still, others like it so much they hyphenate their name with mine - as if we are married.  One clever moving service calls themselves “Best Myrtle Beach Movers” - very unique, huh? Want to see how they treat your property?  Watch how they treat mine.  Their confused customers call us up to ask why we didn't show up, or if they did show up their customers call to tell me what equipment was left behind.  If you haven't spoken to Patrick Hill, then you are not dealing with Myrtle Beach Movers® moving labor service.  Local since 1970.

Our owner, Patrick Hill, still constructs our web sites, attends every job site and takes every phone call.  You don't have to worry about calling this local Myrtle Beach moving labor company and speaking with someone who doesn't understand the moving process. During the last 18 years he has serviced well over 3800 moves personally.  Sometimes we load your truck, and other times we unload your truck and move you in.  On local moves we do both while providing blankets and the dollies we need.  One of the most experienced local movers in Charleston, Florence, Myrtle Beach or Wilmington isn't spending time and treasure over a truck either. There are plenty of trucks for you to rent.  Your rental truck - our strong backs!

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What matters is the individual mover's experience and dedication that comes to your house.  Call for consultation.  You may be arriving in one of those rental trucks to Conway or North Myrtle Beach, SC, or you may be leaving Charleston in one of these moving trucks to save thousands of dollars. You will save money on a move across town too. We have many many Myrtle Beach Movers® reviews.  We have reviews that are written, reviews by video, and audio-only reviews.  Go to any storage facility or a Uhaul or Penske rental truck office - and they know Patrick.  We have reviews everywhere - and great ones at that!  On Nextdoor, Google, Yelp, or Angie's List.  We are thee Myrtle Beach Movers®.

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Everybody needs to know this bit of information. Weight distribution matters. This could save you from an accident. Ask me how I know. No, it didn’t happen to me though.